Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Feeling a bit better resting in bed now

I am still a little sore but it feels a little better medicated myself. I plan on going to bed early tonight and get some sleep I don't really want to fall asleep now or I'll not sleep tonight. It would be nice to get a full nights sleep without waking up. I would do a little reading but that for sure will put me to sleep quicker than anything. I have stopped being bitchy to my hubby it's not his fault that I'm tired and sore. I should do a little more research on my trip I'm planning to New York City. I'd like to go at Christmas time just for something to do but hubby doesn't want to so we may wait till next summer. I'd go now if we had our passports but we don't. Where else could we go that would be interesting and fun? Los Angeles? Well, I'm not sure where to go and my computer is heating up right now so I should stop. I'll do this on my phone I guess or let my computer charge up a bit then look.

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